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Why Pierce Transit?

We value our employees and shows it through transparency and care.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    Pierce Transit improves people’s quality of life by providing safe, reliable, innovative and useful transportation services that are locally based and regionally connected.

  • Vision

    Your preferred transportation choice for today and tomorrow.

Make an Impact at Pierce Transit

Pierce Transit is Hiring!

Make a positive impact on your community by working for Pierce Transit. 

Pierce Transit Recognized as one of America's Best Small Employers in 2023!

Pierce Transit has been recognized by Forbes as one of America's best small employers in 2023

Forbes looked at over 10,000 companies nationwide who have more than 200 employees, but fewer than 1000.  They gathered anonymous data provided through online surveys to determine employee satisfaction and, public opinion data, collection over 300,000 datapoints.  

After all of their calculations were complete, Forbes determined rankings for the top 300 small employers.  Pierce Transit is ranked #26 on that list!

Hear it from the Source.


Fleet Assistant Manager

“There’s definitely opportunity to move up the chain within the agency no matter what your job classification is”


Lead Mechanic

“The transition process from the military to Pierce Transit is very easy because we have a lot of veterans here. We speak the same language”

Our Story

Our story begins with a desire to connect people with the things that matter most to them. Since 1980, Pierce Transit employees have dedicated themselves to helping their neighbors achieve a better quality of life by connecting them to what matters. Local bus service gives people the ability to pursue a college education, a better job, or even a family trip to the fair. Those riding paratransit have the freedom to make important medical appointments, pick up groceries, or visit with friends over a meal. Our Vanpooling option also provides connections to what matters, enhancing the lives of thousands each day by removing the stress of drive-alone commutes, and offering friendships with their fellow road warriors. In 2019, through more than 9.3 million trips, Pierce Transit employees gave our neighbors a great way to reach what matters. Like Pierce County residents, we are hard-working individuals who take pride in being part of a larger community. Working every day for more than 40 years, we have created a rich heritage of service that betters lives and connects our community.

Our Ethical Compass Is Strong.

As is our team.

  • At The Core.  


  • The Light That Guides Us.  


Pierce Transit Earns NAFA “Green Garage” Recognition

Agency nationally recognized for its environmentally friendly fleet maintenance facility

Pierce Transit is pleased to have secured a top-ten finish (9th place) in the 2023 NAFA Green Garage Contest.

Click HERE to learn more! 

This achievement reflects Pierce Transit’s hard work and dedication to sustainable practices, as well as its ongoing commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. For more information about sustainability at Pierce Transit, visit

Meet Our CEO

Mike Griffus

August 10, 2021 -- The Pierce Transit Board of Commissioners has named Mike Griffus as Pierce Transit’s next Chief Executive Officer. 

Griffus has served as Pierce Transit’s Chief Operating Officer since 2016, where he directly managed about 80 percent of the agency’s employees, including its 500 bus operators. As COO, Griffus oversaw and managed daily agency operations, including bus and paratransit services, system support and emergency services. He was also responsible for safety and security across the system, including serving as the agency’s Chief Safety Officer, and negotiated the contracts for Pierce Transit to operate Sound Transit’s express bus service, which accounts for more than 40 percent of the agency’s bus operator positions. 

Click here to learn more about Mike and Pierce Transit.